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New Orleans in large format

For my most recent trip to New Orleans, I decided to ditch my digital camera (for the most part) and strickly shoot with my Speed Graphics 4×5.

New York City Panoramics

I have had this lomo horizon for well over a year now and have never really done much with it.  It was time to put this 35mm panoramic to the test.  One roll shot on expired tri-x, the second on tmax.

Abandoned USA

To those that know me. It’s no secret that urban exploration is a bit of a hobby of mine. Over the past few years I have been venturing into abandoned places across Indiana and recently branched out to spots in the southern US. This all has lead to the creation of my latest photography project […]

New Orleans, Fitting a week into 5 minutes

How many pictures can one take of the French Quarter?  This time, not so many.  I’ve done that for the last 5 years and decided to save that for the kodachrome which will be posted later.  This time around, it felt necessary to venture into the outskirts.  From canal street to the muddy swamps. This […]

5 Years After Hurricane Katrina – A retrospect

It’s august, and with august this year comes the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that decimated the south on August 29th, 2005.  If you are a fan of the blues, you already know of the many old blues men that sold their soul at the crossroads in Mississippi.  Personally, I sold mine in New […]

Plant Time Lapse

So i’m apparently horrible at keeping up with my water thirsty plants.  However I did notice how quick they bounce back after being watered.  So this time around I setup my camera and did a time lapse of my Rex Begonia right after a much needed watering.  This all takes place in about the course […]