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Putting a Raspberry Pi in my bagged truck – Part 2 – Integrating N-Mosfets with GPIO

In this installment I have added the mosfet’s and an adhoc wireless network to the lowPI. In order to communicate with the raspberry pi when I am not by a wireless access point a netgear WNA1000M usb wireless card was added and configured to operate in Ad-Hoc mode. This was fairly easy to accomplish and […]

Putting a Raspberry Pi in my bagged truck – Part 1 – Integrating iOS and the rPi

This is the beginning of a project that I have eagerly been working on. I wanted to be able to control the air bags in my truck with my iphone, so I’ve taken to the raspberry pi and phonegap to make that happen. The Raspberry pi is running a rest api with django to talk […]

My Drupal ready VIM config

For some reason I just can’t stop using vim. This article is not ment to get into the debate of pros and cons between using a modern IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans. However I have tried many IDE’s and always find myself back to pecking away at a terminal. VIM is available out of the […]

Arduino and the Official Motor Shield R3

The motor shield provided sold by Arduino is pretty awesome and can control 2 DC brush motors or one stepper motor. After coming home with mine I found finding a good example of how to use it with the Stepper class a little difficult to find at first.

Update Panels Layouts from Drupal 6 to 7

In the transition from Drupal 6 to 7 there have been a few changes in how one should be creating custom layouts for panels.  This guide will go over the changes to move your panel layouts into the Drupal 7 space.

Abandoned USA

To those that know me. It’s no secret that urban exploration is a bit of a hobby of mine. Over the past few years I have been venturing into abandoned places across Indiana and recently branched out to spots in the southern US. This all has lead to the creation of my latest photography project […]

Chaos Tools Ajax Commands Reference Guide

NOTE: In Drupal 7 these functions have been moved to core and can be utilized by simply removing the ctools_ prefix on the function name Recently, I came across this excellent article about using Chaos tool’s AJAX responder. So after digging around in the code for a while I decided a reference guide would be […]

Adding info windows to map clusters with google maps api v3

The MarkerClusterer class provided by google is very handy for grouping together large amounts of markers into clusters.  If you have come this far you are probably already aware of the advantages, so I won’t bother with that. One thing that can be somewhat elusive is how to add an InfoWindow to your marker clusters. […]

A simple drupal module maker written in python

So if you have ever written a few drupal modules in your day then you probably find it as redundant as I every time you need to create a new module.  So maybe this simple little python script will be helpful if you are regularly creating drupal modules.  I’m just now getting into Python, so […]

Installing Mapnik on CentOS 5

Instructions are provide at the mapnik website for installation on CentOS or Redhat. But unfortunately they are a little out of date and just didnt work for me. This guide provides the steps needed to install mapnik on CentOS 5.