Ground Zero on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

For many 9/11 was about remembering the tragedy and those lost as events unfolded 10 years ago. And it also brought out the crazies. See below the images for video of hot christian on christian bickering.

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Hedons, The Hookers, Apostle of Solitude, Jucifier @ The Vollrath Tavern 8-23-11

The Hedons

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Dudefest 2011 – Coffinworm, Pygmy Lush, Coliseum


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Dudefest 2011 – Phoenix Bodies/Icenine/The Dream is Dead

The second day of Dudefest brought to a close an end of an era as The Dream is Dead played their final show thursday night at The Hoosier Dome.

Phoenix Bodies

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Update Panels Layouts from Drupal 6 to 7

In the transition from Drupal 6 to 7 there have been a few changes in how one should be creating custom layouts for panels.  This guide will go over the changes to move your panel layouts into the Drupal 7 space.

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Abandoned USA

To those that know me. It’s no secret that urban exploration is a bit of a hobby of mine. Over the past few years I have been venturing into abandoned places across Indiana and recently branched out to spots in the southern US. This all has lead to the creation of my latest photography project called “Abandoned USA“.

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Ubuntu Arcade Machine – Part 2 – The Cabinet

With the software nearly complete it was time to begin working on the cabinet to house our arcade machine.  For this we went with a modified cocktail style cabinet.  The dimensions are fairly close to the standard cocktail table style, but with 2 major changes.  The first being that the monitor is not mounted in the top of the table.  Instead the monitor is mounted on the bottom of the table top and the table top swings open to give us a multifunctional table.  When it’s not in use the table top can be put down and serve as a fully functional coffee table.  The other major modification is that all of the controls are on a single panel on one side.  This is so the table is playable from our living room couch.

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First and last with the good ol’ Kodachrome

It’s not news that kodachrome film has been discontinued.  And if you didn’t already know, you only have until the end of December to get any remaining rolls developed.  That’s because Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas is discontinuing kodachrome processing then and also happens to be the only place left in the world that still developers the film.

Earlier in the year I became inspired by famous photojournalist Steve McCurry’s “The Last Roll of Kodachrome” project.  So before my wife and I embarked on our honey moon to New Orleans, we quickly snatched up two rolls off of ebay to take with us.  And what better way to blow those rolls of film other then southeastern Louisiana and with the kids.

Kodachrome film was the first successful color film available to photographers starting in 1935 and quickly became the professional photographers weapon of choice when it came to film.  I myself had never had an opportunity to shoot with the film and it was essential that we shoot our first and last rolls of the film before time ran out for an iconic product of photographic history.

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Ubuntu Arcade Machine – Part 1 – Wahcade and MAME

For xmas this year, my father and I decided it would be fun to build a home arcade machine for the kids’ xmas. Seriously, what kid wouldn’t love having nintendo, super nintendo, and arcade games at their very fingertips, and in the living room coffee table no less. Continue reading →

Chaos Tools Ajax Commands Reference Guide

NOTE: In Drupal 7 these functions have been moved to core and can be utilized by simply removing the ctools_ prefix on the function name

Recently, I came across this excellent article about using Chaos tool’s AJAX responder. So after digging around in the code for a while I decided a reference guide would be handy to have around. Here is a list of the available AJAX responder commands that can be passed to ctools_ajax_render().

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