Adding info windows to map clusters with google maps api v3

The MarkerClusterer class provided by google is very handy for grouping together large amounts of markers into clusters.  If you have come this far you are probably already aware of the advantages, so I won’t bother with that.

One thing that can be somewhat elusive is how to add an InfoWindow to your marker clusters.  The key to getting info windows working is the capturing the new event “clusterclick” and pulling the data from the cluster object then rearranging it to mimic a marker object. Look at the code below for an example of creating info windows for a marker cluster. Continue reading →

New Orleans, Fitting a week into 5 minutes

How many pictures can one take of the French Quarter?  This time, not so many.  I’ve done that for the last 5 years and decided to save that for the kodachrome which will be posted later.  This time around, it felt necessary to venture into the outskirts.  From canal street to the muddy swamps.

This is the time lapse from the trip.  The music is courtesy of a fantastic street band we had the pleasure of stumbling upon on Frenchman St. in the Marigny.  They go by the name of Sweet Street Symphony, and by far came out as my favorite band out of all the ones we saw while in the big easy.

I recommend watching the HD version.

New Orleans, Louisiana Timelapse from Kris Arnold on Vimeo.

5 Years After Hurricane Katrina – A retrospect

Thank You

It’s august, and with august this year comes the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that decimated the south on August 29th, 2005.  If you are a fan of the blues, you already know of the many old blues men that sold their soul at the crossroads in Mississippi.  Personally, I sold mine in New Orleans.

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A simple drupal module maker written in python

So if you have ever written a few drupal modules in your day then you probably find it as redundant as I every time you need to create a new module.  So maybe this simple little python script will be helpful if you are regularly creating drupal modules.  I’m just now getting into Python, so im sure there are ways this could be better written and would love any suggestions.  Down the road I would like to add support for more drupal hooks, .install files, themes, templating, and to append hooks to an existing module, but for now this will do.

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Devo @ The Vogue

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The Wedding of Nathan and Jamie Rose

I’ve been a little behind on things lately trying to keep up things usually leads to my blog getting neglected. It seems that I keep getting a lot of requests to do weddings this year.  Here is one of them

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Installing Mapnik on CentOS 5

Instructions are provide at the mapnik website for installation on CentOS or Redhat. But unfortunately they are a little out of date and just didnt work for me. This guide provides the steps needed to install mapnik on CentOS 5. Continue reading →

Dudefest 2010

Dudefest, Day 1:  The evening started off fairly sparse with a few crowding to the front to watch the bands and the occasional minipit.  The hall packed densely with merch booths and the bathroom supplying the Emerson Theater classic carnival game, piss on the cockroach in the urinal until he drowns in urine.  The crowd seemed to pick up by the time Landmine Marathon took stage. But it was the full force rage of Municipal Waste that really brought things into a fury.  The crowd still remained relatively slow for Dudefest until mid-set when the crowd was instructed to bring more to the table.

Day 2:  Much irony in the second day that took place at the ES Jungle.  For those that don’t know its a church and one can merely chuckle when bands like Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity are on the bill and your staring down a line of people wearing tshirts depicting bloodied carcasses atop a pentagram.  This day was a bit more rough and more along the lines of what I was expecting at Dudefest.  By the end of the night it turned into a photography war zone, just replace bombs with people, feet, and elbows.  I feel sympathy for the man to my left that ate the butt end of my camera lens as it flung wildly into the air after receiving a nice hard jar from someone on my right.  After receiving a more painful hit in the jaw I had to seek cover.

Full set of photos are available at Brooklyn Vegan

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Dynamic Tile Server with Google Maps, Mapnik, and Drupal

Lately I have been working on a project for projecting map data from shapefiles onto a google map.   It needed to be easy to manage and the client had to be able to upload shape files to drupal and have the map automatically update itself upon posting.  What we came up with was a Drupal back end that dynamically generates a Cascadenik map file.  From there we use a python subclass for tilecache to render that file into a Mapnik ready xml file.   Then of course that is projected onto a google map. Continue reading →

Plant Time Lapse

So i’m apparently horrible at keeping up with my water thirsty plants.  However I did notice how quick they bounce back after being watered.  So this time around I setup my camera and did a time lapse of my Rex Begonia right after a much needed watering.  This all takes place in about the course of an hour