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New Orleans in large format

For my most recent trip to New Orleans, I decided to ditch my digital camera (for the most part) and strickly shoot with my Speed Graphics 4×5.

First and last with the good ol’ Kodachrome

It’s not news that kodachrome film has been discontinued.  And if you didn’t already know, you only have until the end of December to get any remaining rolls developed.  That’s because Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas is discontinuing kodachrome processing then and also happens to be the only place left in the world that still developers […]

New Orleans, Fitting a week into 5 minutes

How many pictures can one take of the French Quarter?  This time, not so many.  I’ve done that for the last 5 years and decided to save that for the kodachrome which will be posted later.  This time around, it felt necessary to venture into the outskirts.  From canal street to the muddy swamps. This […]

5 Years After Hurricane Katrina – A retrospect

It’s august, and with august this year comes the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that decimated the south on August 29th, 2005.  If you are a fan of the blues, you already know of the many old blues men that sold their soul at the crossroads in Mississippi.  Personally, I sold mine in New […]

New Orleans, 4th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

4 years after hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast, and well.  In the years that I have been traveling down here.  There was more optimism and hope.  Many lots still sit vacant and over grown in the Lower Nine.  However, along Tennessee St new construction continues and many new homes stand.