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Putting a Raspberry Pi in my bagged truck – Part 2 – Integrating N-Mosfets with GPIO

In this installment I have added the mosfet’s and an adhoc wireless network to the lowPI. In order to communicate with the raspberry pi when I am not by a wireless access point a netgear WNA1000M usb wireless card was added and configured to operate in Ad-Hoc mode. This was fairly easy to accomplish and […]

Putting a Raspberry Pi in my bagged truck – Part 1 – Integrating iOS and the rPi

This is the beginning of a project that I have eagerly been working on. I wanted to be able to control the air bags in my truck with my iphone, so I’ve taken to the raspberry pi and phonegap to make that happen. The Raspberry pi is running a rest api with django to talk […]

A simple drupal module maker written in python

So if you have ever written a few drupal modules in your day then you probably find it as redundant as I every time you need to create a new module.  So maybe this simple little python script will be helpful if you are regularly creating drupal modules.  I’m just now getting into Python, so […]

Dynamic Tile Server with Google Maps, Mapnik, and Drupal

Lately I have been working on a project for projecting map data from shapefiles onto a google map.   It needed to be easy to manage and the client had to be able to upload shape files to drupal and have the map automatically update itself upon posting.  What we came up with was a Drupal […]